The expertise of FEMS Consultancy is (multi-disciplinary based) system modelling and simulation. We have experience in the disciplines of systems, electronics, optics, rheology, tribology, elasto-mechanics, electro-magnetics, diffusion processes, device simulation and thermal analysis.
Core knowledge is the mathematical background of the simulations in all of these areas.

With a Black Belt in Design for Six Sigma FEMS Consultancy can also support companies in applying modelling and simulation in a statistical way to create more robust products and processes.

Automatic code generation from system-level (control) models is an increasing area of interest. FEMS Consultancy can help to set up such processes.

Models and simulations are a perfect way to safeguard and transfer knowledge. FEMS Consultancy has a broad experience in developing, giving and transferring trainings in an international, multi-cultural context.

FEMS Consultancy can also provide technical project leadership.

FEMS Consultancy has a broad experience in house on tools that are used in these fields.

Contact FEMS Consultancy (; +31 6 3340 1693) to discuss the ways in which we can support your company in making better usage of modelling and simulation for speeding up development of systems and for creating more robust systems, products and processes.



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