LTspice courses

In cooperation with Dizain-sync FEMS Consultancy offers trainings for LTspice: a 1-day Basic training and a 2-day Advanced training.

In the Basic course one learns how to create a schematic in LTspice and how to perform parameterized analyses. Next to that the (re-)use of hierarchical models is dealt with.

In the Advanced course one learns how to set up a Design of Experiments simulation and how to perform statistical simulations. Furthermore, Advanced Behavioural Modelling is treated more in-depth.

The trainings are in the form of hands-on workshops.

One can register for these trainings via the Dizain-sync website.


Other trainings

FEMS Consultancy has the experience to develop customized trainings in the area of

          modelling and simulation: e.g. system simulation with Matlab/Simulink;

          the usage of scripting languages like Python;

          how to use simulations in the context of Design for Six Sigma.


Contact FEMS Consultancy (; +31 6 3340 1693) for customized training that serves your company.



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